Laura and Zach are two cynics willing to give advice at the price of fame and fortune. Direct all inquiries to www.formspring.me/lauraandzach or lauraandzach(at)gmail.com.

Laura and Zach’s relationship: if we had to describe it, we would say that we are like the brothers and sisters who spent too much time naked around each other as kids, so now we’re still awkwardly comfortable around each other….hmm, let’s make that sound less molesty…nope  can’t be saved, there’s no revising that to make it better

Laura is an avid traveler, having spent time at five different colleges. She enjoys poetry, mustangs, 3 piece suits, and Ricky Martin.

Zach is a family man. He and his wife Katherine have an adopted son, Bobbie, and they like to vacation in the South Bronx where he “feels most at home.” He enjoys the theatre, America’s Next Top Model, Bananas, Sequins, and Nascar.

So bring it on you big beautiful world! We want to be your Abby.

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