The Circle of Life

October 14, 2010 § 1 Comment

I was supposed to become King, but my uncle told me I killed my dad, and I had to run away. I’ve been away from the tribe for years, and now my only friends are a meerkat and a warthog. To make things worse, I keep having hallucinations of my dad, as if I see him in the stars. I know I should go back home, but I just can’t face everyone. Please Laura and Zach, tell me how I make things right…

Z: $10 says you were the kid who believed your grandfather when he said he had your nose. Way to be gullible bro. Did you see yourself kill your dad? Do you remember ending his life? If not, you probably didn’t kill him. How about this: the next time you and your weird looking friends get your hands on some shrooms, don’t go anywhere near a computer for at least eight hours.

Submit questions anonymously here.


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